How To Change Outlook (Hotmail) Password

Changing the password of Microsoft Mail Outlook is quite simple. But sometimes we get confused about where is the best and simplest way to change its password. Even you forget and you want to change your outlook password.

In this article, you have to make sure that how to change the password of Outlook mail, so stay with us and learn to change your password.

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First of all, you need to go on the Outlook login dashboard and then enter your >ID Username here.

And then you have to click on >Forget Password if you do not remember anymore.

Note: You must have your recovery phone number or email if you don’t have one of these it can be made difficult for you. So type the last 4 digits of your phone number.

Now you have to enter your five-digit of code which the sent by Outlook on your phone number or email.

Then create a new password of your Outlook Mail account.

And then your Outlook account password successfully changed.

Vital Massage: Hotmail is Microsoft’s first email service but is converted to Outlook Mail. If you make any one of them then the strategy of both is the same. You can even change the password, account service or anyone else.

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