How To Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

In the process of WhatsApp, we use our personal phone number on it but sometimes we need to change due to some issues. Problems such as missing phone numbers or praising new numbers etc.

Even we do not want to be associated with a new number because we are tied to it and shared it with a lot of friends or family. When we travel to another country at this time, we have to change our phone number from WhatsApp Messenger.

So don’t have to serious on that if once you changed your WhatsApp number it will be notified to your all saved contact of WhatsApp messenger and they easily know you have changed your personnel phone number from WhatsApp.

First of all, you have to open your WhatsApp on your phone then go to >Settings for customizing.

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After going on setting you simply have to click on >Account.

Now you have to click on >Change number from there you can submit your recent number on WhatsApp.

After reading this click on >Next to improve this setting.

Now you have to note: you must have to write on your old number without the old number you can’t change your phone number.

So WhatsApp wants to write here on old to a new number along with their country code. And it will be verified with your new number.

Note: It gives you three main options, if you want to seem all contact that knows you have changed your number then click on >All Contact.

Know more: WhatsApp is a popular messenger in the world most people change their numbers on regular days. And this the only fact is that WhatsApp giving the opportunity to us change number. It’s a very useful setting for us if you travel that is a very good setting for you.

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