How To Install Grammarly On Chrome Browser

Grammarly is too important if you are weak in English writing so you must have to install it on your browser. It has many features to make your writing perfect. It can be used in any browser such as Opera, Firefox, and on more.

How It Will Do After Install?

It automatically checks your writing dashboard and informs you with a red line to correct it. And it will increase your vocabulary, which means everything else you need in writing.

Is It Free Extension?

No, it’s not free but normally you can use it free by making its account, for more features like plagiarism check, auto writing convert, and more reliable check. Its price depends on the plan if you hard user then you can go on the premium feature.

How To Install It On Chrome Browser?

It is very easy to install on your browser you just need to search in on your Google search box >Grammarly extension for Chrome. And then click on the first link of Google search.

And then you become upon to Chrome web store from there, you have to tap on >And to Chrome.

And it automatically added to your Chrome extension files and then it automatically detects your writing when you write anywhere in the Chrome browser.

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You need to signup or login on its account and then it works easily. And it collects your written data on how wrong you are in every weak.

Does It Work Outside?

Yes, absolutely it work outside either extension, you can set in any device and Grammarly has offered software at all the operating system. Even you use iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, all of OS it works.

Can You Use Grammarly With Google Docs?

The developer of Grammarly is not sure about that but you can check your documents by uploading on its site. Grammarly developer are promised to release it soon. But it works on Microsoft Office and Extensions welly. The link is

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