How To Reset Facebook Account Password (If you have forgotten password of it)

It is certain that if you have not logged in in days or months you can forget the password of anything. And the main reason you forgot the password was to change your new Facebook password.

So if you have forgotten the password of Facebook and you don’t know how to recover be live with us. In this lesson, you try to give you the best suggestion to get recover from the Facebook password.

Step – 1

Must sure which username or email is your ID subsection. And then click on Forget account. Now you have to enter your username or email address for which you have to recover.

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Step – 2

If your email or phone has made two or more account then you have to choose which one account password you want to recover. Then you must select your missed account otherwise you will lose your second account of on it registred.

Step – 3

Now you come to the reset your password but first, you have to verify from the email or phone to it without verifying you can’t even reset your password.

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So be careful you have this email or phone number that you had set it for recovery. And then you have to choose email or phone number one of them, after a select click on >Continue.

Step – 4

Now you have to present 6 digits of verification code that has Facebook sent on your recovery email or phone number. After once present you have to click on >Continue for the next step.

Step – 5

Now enter your new password, which you cannot forget anywhere. Keep your password carefully as Facebook notes how much you have changed your password otherwise it may suspect your account and start verifying whatever.

Note: You must need a recovery email or phone number to reset your password of Facebook if you do not have these it can be serious for upgrade account. So better keep your recovery email or phone number to upgrade account after lost.

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